Yeah! SDCC pic18f4550 ADC Finally!

After many unsuccessful tests about working with analog inputs with the pic18f4550 and SDCC compiler, finally it worked!

Quickly, the code is this:

#include “pic18fregs.h”
#include “adc.h”
#include “pic18f4550.h”

#define GO ADCON0bits.GO

int LeerADC (){
ADCON0=0b00000001; //AN0
return ADRESH;

void main() {
unsigned int aux;
aux = LeerADC();
PORTB = aux;

The configuration of ADCON0 and ADCON1 is in google, this is the basic code to read from an analogic input and show in PORTB outputs, as binary numbers. Compiled with SDCC in PikLab and tested on a pic18f4550 through the bootloader =D.


Una respuesta to “Yeah! SDCC pic18f4550 ADC Finally!”

  1. André Says:

    Gracias amigo, me ayudó mucho!!


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